(Adopted by the Association "Secularity Congres" and signed by eight left-wing polictical parties at the congress on 22 Oc. 2017)

We, the undersigned, recognizing our responsibility for the Republic of Poland, deeply concerned about the observance of civil rights and freedoms as well as the political order and international image of our State, do oppose the clericalisation of public life and the preferential treatment of any religious denomination under the laws of Poland.

We hereby declare that our goal is to build a democratic, secular state governed by the rule of law.

We recognize that the following actions are necessary to achieve  this goal:

·       revoking art. 196 of the Criminal Code on insulting so-called religious feelings or amending this provision in a way that would take into account the rights and sensibilities of non-believers;

·       establishing citizens' right to inspect and review the content of their personal data collected and processed by churches and/or religious associations;

·       abolishing the statutory financial privileges of all churches and religious associations;

·       ensuring equality of churches and religious organizations with secular and philosophical organizations, including in the field of taxation;

·       denouncing the Concordat as favouring the Catholic denominational group or re-negotiating it to alleviate the excessive privileges of the Roman Catholic Church;

·       discontinuing financing of churches, religious associations, church institutions and clergy from the state budget and local government budgets, and – if subsidies in any form are maintained – ensuring full respect for the principle of their full transparency and control;

·       enforcing the secular nature of public schools that would  fully respect the principles of neutrality of world-view and religion and carrying out education based upon the achievements of science and on universal values ​​recognized by international community in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the laws of European Union as well as by the Polish people in the Constitution of the Republic of Poland;

·       excluding religion from compulsory school curriculum and treating it equally with other non-compulsory subjects;

·       introducing anti-discrimination education into schools, addressing cultural and world-view diversity;

·       ensuring unlimited, actual access to affordable contraceptives;

·       liberalizing the anti-abortion law and introducing sexual education into schools;

·       ensuring access to state-funded in-vitro fertilization (IVF) as an infertility treatment;

·       amending or repealing the so-called conscience clauses, referred to in art. 39 of the Law on the profession of doctor and dentist, as it restricts the patient's right to use medical services and procedures;

·       ensuring that everyone may enjoy the right to dignified death, irrespective of the religious or philosophical beliefs of doctors or medical personnel;

·       ensuring equality within marriage and in the case of  those unwilling to accept traditional marriage introducing  civil unions for same-sex and/or opposite-sex couples;

·       ensuring that the State unconditionally upholds the principle of freedom of thought, conscience and religion and that all persons, irrespective of religion or belief, have full equality before the law and are equally treated by public authorities;

·       ensuring full respect for the constitutional right to non-disclosure of life-stance or religious beliefs as well as of information on membership of churches or religious associations;

·       restoring the secular character of all public institutions, including schools and kindergartens, state offices, civil and military services as well as state ceremonials and ceremonies;

·       ensuring state support for NGOs working for the protection of human and civil rights and the protection of rights of children, people with disabilities and victims of violence;

·       introducing severe punishment for violating women's rights, including sexual and reproductive rights;

·       ensuring effective implementation and observance of the Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence;

·       fostering legislation on the protection of nature and animal rights and the effective enforcement of these provisions, both in the area of ​​breeding and research and of religious practices, taking into account the principle of ensuring the welfare of animals and minimizing their suffering;

Recognizing that freedom of thought, conscience and religion is closely related to the separation of Church and State and the presence of religion in the public sphere, we furthermore declare that we shall make every endeavour to establish a research institution to monitor the observance of laws ensuring secularity of the State, to conduct studies on the influence of religions and churches on social and political life in Poland and to inspire political and legal changes aimed at more effective protection of the rights and freedoms of all citizens, strict observance of the secular character of the state and strengthening democratic  culture in Poland.


Democratic Left Alliance                    Polish Social-democracy

Feminist Initiative                             Labour Union

Green party                                      Polish Initiative

Together” Party                               Freedom and Equality

Towarzystwo Humanistyczne
Humanist Assciation